A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game was created in 72 hours for the Jamington's Game Jam!

The story begins with the Skyrealm in peril, and it's up to Amelia to find the missing Skyshards to save her homeworld!

v 1.1 - Attempt at making the direction of the first objective easier to understand! Also allow the use of certain orbs in specific places without the menu opening upon each use, should make it less annoying. Also, the face/Amelia.png issue has been fixed.

v 1.2 - Pathing issue found in the final zone where the player is able to walk off the "invisible path" (how ironic...). The problem should now be fixed! (Thank you Jaxen!)

Thank you for playing!


Legend of the Skyshards (v1.2) PC 90 MB
Legend of the Skyshards (v1.2) Mac 72 MB

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